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PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:00 pm    Post subject:

I think I've seen this app a few times in the past tongue out
PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 8:34 pm    Post subject:

You both pretty much put it as how I pictured it. I would really love to raid with you guys for a while but I completely understand the commitment thing. I'm a nomad at heart and there's no denying it. I would hate to hinder friendships again because I see something shiny. I <3 you guys and wish you the best of luck! Good to see you back in action!
PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 6:35 pm    Post subject:

We are starting to put together a really solid roster. Like an honest to goodness 10 solid players in a 10 person guild type deal. You would really be a good addition, but you know as well as I that you probably wouldn't last long here.

You need to make some kind of commitment if you want to raid with us. "I'll stay for one full raidtier" or "I'll stay for 2 full raids" or something like that. As much as I love having you in the group with us, I also really want a stable roster.

Other that that, you know I <3 u and you are always welcome to hang out and fill a spot if needed. But this little 10m guild should be worthy of being each of it's raiders' first choice, and bringing anyone in who doesn't really think that way just isnt worth it!
PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 4:38 pm    Post subject:

hi slime <3 btw.... sooo yeah here again, idk man, we only want to take players we know are good to rebuild a decent 10 man, however what he cannot take atm is people not 100% committed to us, we already got through a rough period, in fact we are just coming out of it, and it wouldn't be wise to put ourselves in a position where that is likely to happen again if once again a few people bail, what this 10 man is, is a group of friends that are pretty much over wow, that are just doing a 10 man because we like playing together, and it turns out, that we can actually be decent. My 2C.

btw <3 and would like raiding with you again.
PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 2:42 pm    Post subject: Slimelol - Resto Druid


Character Name:


Mainspec w/ Advanced Armory Link:
Restoration Slimelol, US-Exodar

Raiding Offspec(s), description of gear/skill with each (offspecs are NOT required):
My balance OS is probably my weakest aspect as a raider. However, I am proficient in Resto/Ele Shaman. I would make a fine balance filler for farm content on my druid.

Link to any current parses in which you are included. WoL, WWS, WMO, or any parse site is acceptable.:

#11 Heroic Wind Lord
#48 Sha of Fear
#62 Heroic Shek'Zeer
#82 Heroic Ambershaper
#109 Heroic Gara'jal
#122 Heroic Vizier
#139 Heroic Spirit Kings
#147 Heroic Feng
#184 Heroic Garalon

Link to a screenshot of your current UI. (Please use Imgur or Tinypic):
Slime UI


Name, Age, Gender, Timezone:

Jeremy, 25, Male, EST

Will your schedule ever conflict with our raid times? (M-Th 8-11 EST) :
No, although I don't think they are the same anymore.

When are you NOT available (work, school, etc), and how often do you log into WoW?:
I'm available pretty regularly. As of lately, I've only been logging in for raids. If I'm going to die from playing this game, I'd rather end it playing with the people I liked the most (Jiga, Summit, Shane, Grawpp). Fuck the bullshit.

What was your last/current guild and their server? What was the reason of your seperation from them?:
Original Gangstaz - Stormreaver: Essentially left over a disagreement.

Late Vanilla/TBC:
Gentlemens Club - Korgath: Top 100 guild that I raided with for almost all of BC before taking a break come wrath. I came back around Ulduar.

Original Gangstas - Korgath: Casually raided with some RL friends before deciding on 10man's for Cata.

Imminent - Tichondrious: A top 10 US 10man team that I raided with for a few weeks before merging with Engima due to the supposed 7/13 "wall" 10man guilds were hitting.
Last Attempt - Garrosh: Spent some time hopping in and out for funzies.
Dread - Korgath: Went casual when rdruids sucked on DS progression.

Acquired Taste - Akama: Chain of quitting members halted progression. I would have stayed here had I thought they would pull through.
Vigil - Mal'Ganis: Was hastily recruited with paid transfer under the assumption that most of the members were from the original Vigil core. This was and is not the case. We've now resorted to filling our raid with 4+ pugs to get things down.
Gamble - Mal'Ganis: Baited. Fuck that guild.
Some casual no name guild - some casual no name server: Decided to go casual in my extensive hopping spree of MoP when I happened to over sleep and show up late to first raid. This is frowned upon, even when you greatly out-skill their best players apparently.

What kind of raiding experience do you have? Please mention any kind of leadership experience here as well if applicable.:
Vanilla full clears at appropriate level:
Onyxia, ZG, AQ20/40, MC, BWL.

TBC full clears at appropriate level:
Kara, Gruuls, Mag's, SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT(Post Nerf), Sunwell(Pre Nerf)

WotLK clears at appropriate level:
Some Ulduar during content release, ToGC 4/5, ICC 11/12HM (mostly raided 10m casual)

Cata clears at appropriate level:
T11 13/13 (10/13 during, I took a break right before cCho'gall for a career change and move.)"ICHY" achievement obtained.
T12 6/7HM pre nerf, 7/7HM pre 4.3.
T13 8/8HM @15%

MoP Experience:
5/6H MSV
6/6H HoF
1/4H ToES

Any other interests in WoW? RBG or arena junkie, huge interest in alts or alt raiding, trade chat trolling, etc...?:
With a recent lack of interest in this game, I haven't invested much time in anything aside from my Shaman alt. I used to love doing BG's with shane and jiga though. Probably the most fun I've had in this game in a while.

Anyone in our guild that can vouch for you?:
Those whom are still here who recognize me probably have no desire to re-recruit me due to my "habits". But they also cannot deny that I'm good at what I do. I can understand that you may not need a third healer or second resto druid but I can always make a viable ele/resto OS. If you need further validation of my skill as a player I suggest you contact the following who will be more than willing to vouch for me:
Skilly, Supermassive - Turalyon
Cirrax, Blood Legion - Illidan
Botty, WHATEVER WERE AWESOME - Magtheridon
Sephinia, Raiding Rainbows - Illidan
Kalanii, Dread - Korgath
Dannykin, Infallible - Eonar

Computer specs (can your computer run WoW smoothly?):

Intel H55 HDMI Micro ATX mobo, Intel Core i5-655K processor, Radeon HD 6970, 4G G-Skill DDR3. I built this computer about a year ago and it definitely has no problems running WoW at Ultra. Latency is usually around 35ms and fps is usually 60 during an average 25m encounter. It's rare that I'll hit spikes or DC.

Real ID Email:

Would you like to begin raiding with us immediately, or in Mists of Pandaria?:



Give us a detailed description of your basic rotation or priority system.:
Protection's priority system is:
My current spell priority as a rdruid is trivial and situational. True skill comes from managing uptimes, proc's, and cd's. I start my "rotation" with a mushroom bloom to activate Harmony and spirit proc in the most inexpensive way. I'll then proceed to hot up the tank with rejuv and lifebloom. I primarily use my OoC proc's for a glyphed RG making it an efficiently quick heal. I use power auras to track Harmony, IB, LB, WG, SM, ToL, and Tranquility(among other trinkets and such when applicable). I also use an ICD Tracker for my DM trinket. I try to consider ToL more of a mana regen cd rather than a pure throughput cd and use it accordingly. I typically use major cds at the RL's discretion but I'm not scared to make an on spot judgement call. I would be happy to answer any questions regarding my glyph or talent choices as well.

What stats do you prioritize when gearing, and why?:
Haste 3043 > Spirit ~10k > Mastery > Crit >= Haste

The 3043 haste cap provides me with two additional ticks of LB, and an additional tick of Rejuv,WG, and Tranq with 5% raid buff. It probably wouldn't be until 5.3 that I would efficiently be able to meet the 6652 break point which would provide a third tick of LB, another tick of RG(if I wasn't glyphed) and another tick of WG. 8k spirit seemed to be sufficient on the ptr but while pushing heroic end bosses like Shek'zeer, 10k seems like a more reasonable amount. We'll start to focus on straight throughput as the xpac continues.

Tell us a little about your class, its general role, and its strengths in raiding. Give an example or two where your class really shines in any 4.0+ raid encounter.:

During early progression, enrage timers are a serious issue to worry about. As a healer, having an ability that will allow me to pump out ~4M damage in about 30 seconds is huge. I've been able to use this on pretty much every progression fight to alleviate some of the tuning on the enrage. As far as specific examples of adjustments, the variations are endless and come down to smart healing. 25man healing with skilled healers is a game of sniping(which is why I would like to leave). Being able to preemptively hot up for a SM snipe or take a gamble on that precast requires a skill and intuition that few healers have. I'm an excellent healer but I'm sick and tired of absorbs rendering my hots useless.

Tell us what you think some of the shortcomings of your class (or play) are, what kind of assignments you should not be given, and an example or two in any 4.0+ raid encounter.:
Fuck spirit shell and fuck illumanted healing. They're killing rdruids in 25mans. Druids aren't really that bad. Sure they lack burst aoe but their cheap hots can make up with straight throughput. Not when these white and pink fuckers are jizzing out absorbs everywhere. Strictly depending on comp, druids are comparatively bad(talking top tier progression) on every fight save three maybe four. At least for 25man.

How did you find us, and why did you app to us in particular?:

Jiga has held my heart since we started playing together.

What online resources do you use in order to be a better raider?:
New class research is always collectively done on the ptr before the changes go live. By collectively, I mean that I collaborate with other top tier friends/druids around various spec's, glyphs, gemmings, etc. I'm also an active member on several theorycraft forums for resto druids.

What is our guilds favorite color?:
Green, faggots

Tell us about yourself. What can we expect from you as a human being? Anything that lets us know you better is good to put here.:
I'm an unreliable asshole that will drop guild and leave without warning. I'm a guild hopper. Plain and simple. Those of you who know me, know this. I'm in one of my hopping stages at the moment, but I was thinking to myself recently. "If I'm on the last edge of this game, who would I want to be playing with?" And it so happens that I had the most fun playing with you guys. Especially now that Rash is gone <3

Thank you for your time spent with this application!! You will hear from an officer within a few days if accepted, or recieve an automated response via email if denied. Feel free to use our general forums for any questions.