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If you are reading this, congratulations, you're on your way to applying! Now, focus, follow the guidelines below, and make an impression! We want individuals and players with personality, sell yourself to us, make us want you.

Desire for Success
A common trait among our raiders is a determination to be the best we can be and going to great lengths to achieve success. The raid is only as strong as its weakest individual. If one player doesn’t want it as bad as the rest, we will fail. You need to be here for the guild. The tag below your name should be something you take pride in and respect. We take this game seriously.

Perfection is impossible, we understand that, and don’t expect it. That being said, we want you to maximize your potential without being told how to do so. This means knowing what’s going on and how to avoid it, and maximizing your dps/hps in those situations. One or two fuck ups is ok, understand why you fucked up, admit it, make the changes and don’t let it happen again.

Shrug It Off
You need to have some resiliency and be able to take a shot or two. You may get called out from time to time, you may get picked on, let it happen, its all part of the process. We promise to make sure nothing gets out of hand.

A 9 hour raid week isn't too much to ask. While we have no problem if you have to take off every now and then, we don't want someone that cant make Thursday, for example. Each night you miss is a possibility of a raid not happening, so we want someone that will respect that fact.

Raid times are currently 8-11pm server(EST). We raid Tuesday through Thursday. Occasionally, we will raid Mondays if there is enough interest within the raid group. This is usually discussed at the end of raid on Thursday.

Don’t Piss People Off
You should be able to mesh with the rest of the guild. You should be patient. You should be mature. You should be calm. If you don’t get gear, don’t throw a fit and don’t be annoying. Don’t fill vent with unnecessary comments and if you aren’t able to convey your thoughts in an intelligent and rational manner, keep them to yourself. We don’t want you if you can’t act like a human being.

Don’t Be Shy
This is obviously not a requirement, but it is strongly recommended. Do stuff with your guild members, branch out and meet people, we are all in this together and we are probably more like you than you know. Hang out in Ventrilo or Skype. Join in on PvP, 5mans, old content, alt raids, and questing. We want you to succeed, and we want you to show us that you are making an effort to enjoy your time here. It shows us you want to be apart of the team and not just collect loot and nerd points.

Most Importantly
The actual application. Please give us a complete application as anything less will be laughed at and discarded. We want a full effort from you when filling out the application. This means complete sentences, capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar excellence. We want a product from you that you would feel confident turning into an English professor for a passing grade. If you take 5 minuets filling out the application, expect us to take less than that reading it.

Sell yourself to us.We have been around the block more than a few times and have the ability to recruit, meaning we have the ability to turn away applicants. We believe we can succeed without you, the application is your opportunity to make us believe that we need you.

Check List:
Gear Check - Make sure your armory is currently updated to your primary specialization's gear set.

Properly Gemmed, Enchanted and Reforged – This is one of the first things we look at, and if you do it poorly, your chances of getting a trial are just that, poor.

Professions - We expect you to to have at least one raiding profession at the minimum skill level to receive your primary stat bonuses.

Proper Talents – If your talents are incorrect or off the wall, it will be immediately questioned and will most likely raise a huge red flag for us. Be ready to back up your choices should they be questioned.

Maxed Reputations – You should be exalted with reputations that provide you with Valor upgrades.

Parses/World Of Logs – These are a huge part of the application as it allows us to gauge your performance fairly accurately without actually seeing you play. If you don’t know what these are, chances are you are in the wrong place. If you know what these are and need help recording your own, contact an officer prior to applying so we can help you.

The items listed above are considered a basic requirement in applying to our guild. Barring a handful of exceptions, if you cannot meet any one of the requirements at the time of submitting your application, you should consider postponing the application process until you are able to satisfy them. If you fail to meet any one of the above requirements, your application will likely be denied outright.


Please read the sample application below to get a better idea of what we expect from you.

"This is God given, only thing I gotta' do is just show up."

Honest Dernn

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Character Name:

Mainspec w/ Advanced Armory Link:

Raiding Offspec(s), description of gear/skill with each (offspecs are NOT required):
I have a 409 ilvl geared Fury set that also doubles as an arms set with some minor reforges. I am perfectly capable of playing both specs.

Link to any current parses in which you are included. WoL, WWS, WMO, or any parse site is acceptable.:

Link to a screenshot of your current UI. (Please use Imgur or Tinypic):


Name, Age, Gender, Timezone:
Nick, 20, Male, EST

Will your schedule ever conflict with our raid times? (M-Th 8-11 EST) :

When are you NOT available (work, school, etc), and how often do you log into WoW?:
Early in the day on weekdays, weekends are up in the air.

What was your last/current guild and their server? What was the reason of your seperation from them?:
I have been in Foundation from the very beginning, just before Blackblades and Attica merged into Last Attempt, through When in Rome.

What kind of raiding experience do you have? Please mention any kind of leadership experience here as well if applicable.:
During TBC I was on Cenarius in the guild Muryans, led two to three Karazhan groups every week, and later helped to lead a Zul'Aman group. I also participated in several of my guild's main raids when I could (it was a PST server and raids ran from 11pm-2am my time), and helped tank the realm second Lady Vashj kill on my druid.

At the beginning of WotLK I transferred to Garrosh when the server first came online with a small group of friends in an effort to start our own guild. We claered a majority of Naxxramas 10 and 25 as well as Obsidian Sanctum, however between internal guild drama and real life, the guild separated and I took a break. I came back just before the release of patch 3.2, and raided pug ToC25 groups with Blackblades of Durotar and helped to raid lead a 10 man group with the guild Conspiracy. At the release of 3.3 I raided ICC 10 and 25 with BBoD for a few months until I was forced to quit again for some time. I returned around August 2010, at which time I was reinvited to BBoD and given an opportunity to raid again. Around this time, BBoD and Attica merged into Last Attempt, where I was given a raid spot, and was part of the Realm First Light of Dawn kill.

Throughout tier 11 and 12 I raided with Last Attempt as dps. Most notably, I participated in our Realm First Heroic Nefarian and Sinestra kills, as well as many other realm first boss kills. During tier 13, the guild renamed to When in Rome, where I temporarily raid led. Despite our many trials and tribulations, the group was able to achieve Realm Second Heroic Madness.

Any other interests in WoW? RBG or arena junkie, huge interest in alts or alt raiding, trade chat trolling, etc...?:
I have all classes max level sans a Warlock, which is locked at level 80 as a "Herald of the Titans"-ready toon, and I am able to play all of these characters efficiently. I dabble in some PvP, but generally only on my warrior, so in part my desire to pvp is effected by the state of the Warrior class.

Anyone in our guild that can vouch for you?:
No they all hate me =[

Computer specs (can your computer run WoW smoothly?):
I have no problems on any current encounters, and am generally able to Fraps and Stream during even the most graphically stressful boss fights.

Real ID Email:

Would you like to begin raiding with us immediately, or in Mists of Pandaria?:


Give us a detailed description of your basic rotation or priority system.:
Protection's priority system is: Shield Slam > Revenge > Devastate. These abilities are my primary rage generators. I use Heroic Strike or Cleave (situational, single or multiple targets respectively) whenever I get an Ultimatum proc.

My rage dump tanking abilities are Shield Block, and Shield Barrier. I generally try to use Shield Block on fights where there are multiple targets, or fights where I'm getting hit by one target very quickly. Shield Barrier is a little bit quirky. It's most effective when you have substantial amounts of Vengeance, so using it on bosses that hit harder as a fight progresses (eg, hWarmaster) or on fights with heavy amounts of spell damage (hRagnaros, hUltraxion) are most effective.

What stats do you prioritize when gearing, and why?:
Expertise 7.5% > Hit 7.5% > Parry > Mastery >= Dodge > Expertise

Softcapping expertise and hardcapping hit are essential to the new Active Mitigation model of tanking, as they allow me to smoothly generate rage. Parry is important because dodging and parrying attacks reset my Revenge cooldown, allowing for faster rage generation, but parry's diminishing returns are much more forgiving than dodge's. Mastery is there mostly for Critical Block, which means I have a chance while blocking to block double the normal amount. This also procs Enrage, which increases my damage and provides me with 10 rage, on a 3 second icd. Lastly, further expertise past the soft cap prevents Shield Slam and Revenge from being parried, but this is a very rare occurance.

Tell us a little about your class, its general role, and its strengths in raiding. Give an example or two where your class really shines in any 4.0+ raid encounter.:
The redesign of all of the tanking specs in 5.0.4 has made warriors a very versatile tanking class. As previously stated, we can use Shield Block in an encounter where there are large numbers of adds to mitigate all of their damage to a degree, or we can use Shield Barrier with large amounts of Vengeance to mitigate entire melee swings. Later, once MoP releases, we will be able to gain Savage Defense from druid's Symbiosis, allowing us to also be effective avoidance tanks.

Tell us what you think some of the shortcomings of your class (or play) are, what kind of assignments you should not be given, and an example or two in any 4.0+ raid encounter.:
I think the biggest shortcoming for warriors right now would be pickups of constant streams of adds. The loss of Glyph of Thunder Clap, Glyph of Shockwave, Glyph of Cleaving, the old Vigilance constantly resetting taunt, and the massive rage cost of Cleave throwing a wrench into our defensive rotation makes picking up streams of adds one or two at a time, like on Heroic Spine, a bit of a challenge.

How did you find us, and why did you app to us in particular?:
I've known Grawpp since the beginning of time.

What online resources do you use in order to be a better raider?:
I generally browse Landsoul's blog, Elitistjerks, and the Stickys on the official WoW forums Warrior subsection. I generally do my reforges by hand using the character planner.

What is our guilds favorite color?:
(Redacted from sample--you should know this)

Tell us about yourself. What can we expect from you as a human being? Anything that lets us know you better is good to put here.:
I'm a bit on the shy side, and generally don't talk in vent unless it's part of my job on an encounter. I'm usually in a fun mood and like to joke around in chat, however I can be very serious if the situation calls for it.

Thank you for your time spent with this application!! You will hear from an officer within a few days if accepted, or recieve an automated response via email if denied. Feel free to use our general forums for any questions.

Note that this application took me approximately 45 minutes to construct. When we say take your time, we mean it! I hope that this sample application has been helpful to you and will make you into a better applicant.

When you are ready you can proceed to the application

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